Pressed For Time? DobHut Is Easy to Use, Low Tech Protection That Opens & Closes in Two Minutes

See DobHut set up & closing– in less than two minutes! Click the Full Screen icon above (in the lower right hand corner) to view

Get more from your telescope and the limited time you have to view the night skies with a DobHut personal observatory.

Vented structure helps keep optics at ambient temperatures, so you can be observing the heavens quickly

Unique design, with a Dobsonian user in mind, shows virtually the entire sky

Take quick peeks at the sky conveniently

A secure structure with a dead bolt lock for safety & protection

Allows for panoramic vistas at low cost

Center support for telescope isolated from rest of structure for stability

Compact design reveals more of the night sky

Easy to use

The DobHut observatory is for those who:

Enjoy astronomy, but lack the time, energy or skills to build their own observatory– yet have made a sizable investment in their Dobsonian telescope and want to protect it